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Sequoia National Forest
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Image by Don B

Dear friend,

First, thanks for joining us on this magical adventure!
We are California grown, second gen Taiwanese-American kids that were raised on Chinese herbs and ancient healing modalities. We love being outdoors and spend most of our free time in a '97 Ford van, parked somewhere along the California coast or Sierra range. It's no wonder why we are constantly surrounded by and called back to earth medicine. It's our divine honor to share the wisdom of our ancestors and Mother Nature with you.
Through this humble little online shop, we hope to carry out a heart-centered mission of love, heritage and high vibrations to serve your soul.

Loving you,
Kevin & Angela


P.S. We have set up a working model that centers decolonization and balanced natural living. We take cues from the earth's seasons to open+close with each energetic shift. This is to promote earth medicine in every form. We hope you join us in stepping away from consumer-capitalist culture and step into the rested revolution. If you need to contact us, you can email: herbalist@apotherie.com