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bridging cultural gaps & human separateness
through earth medicine.

wow, what a mission statement!

It sounds like a lofty mission but we have personally experienced such huge shifts in our own lives -- thanks to plant medicine and being immersed in the natural world. You don't always need psychedelics to experience the profound connectedness of this human experience (although it does help to speed up mindful expansion).


All plant medicine is created equal. Rose heals the heart, chrysanthemum boldens our sense of self, and angelica sinensis balances the sacral organs. We can go on and on, but you can learn more about various ancient remedies under the "SCHOOL" tab in our menu!

Our ancestors practiced healthcare through herbal remedies with great success. We have lost that faith in nature's abundant ability to heal us through years of colonization and medicalization of the human body. It's not easy to choose the slow, earthy way of becoming well. It's much easier to reach for the pills and pain relievers, but true healing takes time. And, well, all we have is time.

nature people


Angela Linghu

Hello! I am the primary herbalist, artist, healthcare provider and energy healer of Apotherie. My background in herbalism is rooted in childhood and ancestry. I grew up on Traditional Chinese Medicine because my physical body had difficulties integrating typical western medication and modalities. Some of my fondest childhood memories are connected to the sensory wonderland of visiting herbal shops with my mom.

I became a licensed occupational therapist after studying neuropsychology. I love learning about the human body and brain -- so fascinating! For 7 years, I treated various orthopedic and nueromuscular injuries and even got to work with Olympic athletes, as well as everyday humans with repetitive work-related traumas. After running my own therapy and energy healing clinic for some time, I became burnt out from being in the healthcare industry.

So I returned to my roots to heal and began to study herbalism, focusing on both the energetic and physical actions of plant medicine. I truly feel that my Asian American perspective, along with my background in healthcare sciences, could really bring unique offerings into the world of "alternative medicine."

Also, I really love backpacking through the wilderness for days on end. I always learn so much about myself, this world, and the universe.

It really is an honor to practice and share what I love with you.

Please feel free to slide into my DM's to chat about nature and your human experience on earth. You can find me on instagram: @earthtoangelaaa

Peace & love,

Angela Linghu


favorite remedy

dang gui

mood balancing
helps with impatience

Kevin Lion

Hey, how are you? Thanks for being here. I am the alchemist of Apotherie, which means I make all the stuff in our online shop. I guess you could say that I'm the kitchen witch, but I'm also the operations/logistics guy -- which is a whole alchemical process in itself. I turn ideas and dreams into reality and remedies for our apothecary.

In a past life, I was a nonprofit executive and fundraiser in all kinds of environments -- politics, national nonprofits, grassroots organizations. I didn't grow up with herbs but I started using plant medicine when I decided to quit pharmaceuticals.

I was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome as a 7 year old kid. This neurological disorder manifested in motor tics and my physical energy was always all over the place. It's pretty tough to deal with, especially when I'm triggered by stressful situations and environments.

You can imagine what that was like for me working in a political-corporate world. The universe lined up for me though, and I was able to leave that hectic and triggering life to focus on my own healing. I am still healing everyday through daily mindfulness, a lot of Ram Dass, swimming and plant medicine.

Running a small business isn't easy, and there are some really busy and stressful days, but I have found so much more peace within and around myself.

Thanks for joining our adventure.

Warm blessings,

Kevin Lion


favorite remedy


heart opening
chest warming
feel-good vibes