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"treated with
holographic sound"

You may have seen these words somewhere on our social media, website, or even on our labels. Let's take a quick look into the magic that makes our herbal remedies extra, extra special.


What does it mean? Our co-founder Angela is trained in energy healing techniques that span from Reiki to Akashic Sound to Qi Gong. These are modalities that work beyond the naked eye. Holographic sound exists by physics -- using various crystal sound bowls, drumming, and vocalization to shift the vibrational quality of the material world that exists around us. While these therapies are typically applied to a person, they can be utilized across situations and environments. In our case, we direct these tones toward your package before shipping it out.

How do you do this? Our apothecary houses 4 sound bowls, a stretched leather drum, and Taoist chimes. Depending on our intention and intuition, we choose one or a two of these instruments to play. Sometimes, we even close our eyes and sing. Fun fact, Angela was in competitive concert choir and show choir for four years before joining gospel choir during her college years.

How do you know it works? We can't physically prove anything to you, but a lot of this life is about faith and intention. We know that these modalities have worked in shifting pain, trauma, and anxieties for Angela's prior patients. We also hear from some of you that you can viscerally feel the energy when opening our Apotherie package. According to the theories of physics, energy is everything; so, we put our best energy into all that we put and ship out into the world.