As we enter the cold, dry and dark winter season, earth herbs are highly recommended. During this time, the human constitution is susceptible to being cold and feeling melancholy, leading to stagnation and depressive states.⁠

Earth element herbs, like roots/barks, can help to strengthen the constitution and defend against the harsh environment of winter.⁠

On a scientific level, earth element herbs are high in bitter compounds, amino acids, minerals, and oils that can assist the organs (liver, bones/teeth, connective tissue, spleen, large intestines) that are most affected. ⁠

Energetically, earth is the *foundation* of our lives, creation. Earth is fixed matter that gives us structure and solidarity and boundaries. In Chinese medicine, earth is the ultimate YIN -- divine feminine. These herbs are on the damp side and can help stabilize and replenish fluids of our body.

Getting grounded in earth using earth element herbs can help us attune to the rhythm and cycles of all that is. It is also HEALING for trauma stored in lower energy centers.

Our favorite herb for this is Angelica Sinensis, or better known as Dang Gui. She is a powerful and graceful herb that protects and regulates the womb. While she is incredible for all people, dang gui is especially useful for women of Asian descent looking to reclaim their power and step into lineage healing.

Shop our single herbs ! Earth element herbs are typically roots + bark. Each listed item contains elemental and metaphysical information.

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