Not today, Merc Retro, not today.

Everyone kinda freaks out when mercury retrograde rolls around, but there's no need to stress. This planetary illusion occurs 3 times a year, ya'll! I think we've all had quite a lot of practice by now. Basically, you got this bro.

In Greek mythology, Hermes/Mercury is the designated messenger of the Gods. This winged androgynous archetype rules over commerce, trade, and the flow of information. The internet considers Mercury Retrograde as an iffy time for anything related to communication (including technology) and travel.

We like to think it's a time to slow down and review. From a medical astrology perspective, Mercury rules over our nervous + proprioceptive systems + lower digestive system (which is related to nervous system & hormones). This retrograde might leave us feeling kinda tense, exhausted, and easily overwhelmed. Oh, and are you a little clumsier than usual? Ya girl is bumping into every edge and corner this week.

This is definitely an "oops" kind of time, but what a beautiful opportunity to ease our busy schedules and live in the present. To put down your little notebook of manifestations for a sec and be in this moment that you created.

Look, we're not trying to shove love+light in your face. We had a shitty af week but we choose to say "hey, this is what we can learn and this is how we move forward."

Yeah, adulting.

With that being said, here's some simple advice.

Not a great time to use technology? Fuck it. Go outside. Digital detox.

Might trip up on your words? Cool, stfu. Stop talking, start listening.

Travel plans messed up? Boo, I'm sure your privileged ass can figure something out.

Feeling shitty? Get yo herbs on.

Mother Nature has infused her wisdom into plants. Please, sit down and have some herbal tea. You might learn something. Here's a list of Merc Retro Magic:

(1) Blue Lotus -- To help you sit down and receive messages from your higher self.

(2) Wormwood -- Helps you calm down by supporting the lower digestive tract.

(3) Rose -- Opens your heart to the lessons that need to be integrated at this time.

(4) Codonopsis -- Increases Qi energy & supports the solar plexus. Bonus, glowy skin.

(5) Reishi -- Cleanses the body, detoxes your "Shen" (God-self) energy.

(6) Cannabis -- Go with CBD. Obvi we're biased, but do you really need THC to be messing with your mind rn?

So, good luck kid. You're gonna be fine.

P.S. We love you. Here's a 10% off discount code that runs until the end of this Retrograde (and up to Election Day wut): WOMXN2020

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