Charcoal Incense

Charcoal Incense


Cleanse and protet your space with these herbal incenses from Brasil. We love using these at home and there's one for every occasion. See below for descriptions (directly translated from the box):


CANFORA - Camphor incense has strong vibrations, moves stagnant energy, cleanses the environment. It also has a therapeutic effect against depression.


SETE ERVAS - The combination of 7 Herbs of Power work relentlessly against negative energies and evil eye, eliminating negative charges. The 7 Herbs incense is complete and excellent for cleaning and protecting environments.


ARRUDA - Arruda has a strong power of priming the environment for spiritual protection. It keeps away envy and evil eye. Arruda incense can also be used to open the way, attract fluidity and provide leadership strength.


LIMPEZA ESPIRITUAL  - This complete incense is elaborate with herbal resins of power that act within spiritual energetic fields, dissipating negative charges. In addition to cleansing, it energizes and invigorates the subtle and spiritual field, strengthening faith and prayers.


13 PIMENTAS - Used against envy and for protection. She removes and transforms negative energies in the environment into intense positivity and vibrant color. Burn at the entrance of environment or in front of the house, to block negative energies and restore vitality, strength and confidence.


SAL GROSSO Raw salt is considered to be a mighty purifier of environments, being able to neutralize negative energies. Also, it's utilized to combat evil eye and maintain a protected environment.