Gratidão Ritual Kit

Gratidão Ritual Kit


Apotherie's most beloved "As Above + So Below" CBD Oils are paired with fair trade, artisan made divination tools.


The acai necklace is made from wild harvested acai seeds. These necklaces were purchased at-cost from a vendor in Brasilia's artisan market. Each seed is hand polished and dyed or left in natural color. Acai trees are considered the "tree of life" in Brasil, and wearing the seeds brings protection from mother nature herself.


Palo santo & crystal bundles were sourced in Alto Paraiso, also from a local artisan. They were purchased at-cost. The crystals were hand harvested, cleaned and clarified. Palo santo was sourced responsibly and personally split by the maker. Original packaging and artisan information included.



(1) As Above / So Below + Yellow Acai Necklace + Clear Quartz/Lavender Cleansing Bundle

(2) As Above / So Below + Natural Acai Necklace + Tourmaline/Sage Cleansing Bundle