Muito Balm

Muito Balm


Oy, es muito bom! This was basically the first phrase we learned in Portugese while visiting familia in Brasil. "Muito bom" means "very good." 


We knew we were gonna get bitten up while traveling through Brasil, so Kevin crafted this amazing balm to help heal those itchy spots. We felt a little cheeky and called it "muito balm." Get it? Ha.


The combination of detoxing charcoal, soothing hemp cannabis, and antibiotic oregano oil are just the start of a perfect after-bite remedy. Side note, it also helped with mysterious skin rashes that occurred after hiking in shorts through the tropical fauna and flora. And of course, who would we be if we didn't make sure this balm provided energetic protection. Nettle and yarrow are heavy in this formula to keep us safe from unwanted invasion. 


Contains 80mg of CBD.

  • All organic & fairtrade:

    Olive Oil


    Vitamin E Oil

    80 mg Hemp CBD



    Oregano Oil

    Peppermint Oil




    Green Tea

    Holy Basil