Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil


Okay, kinda secretly we've been using this CBD infused sesame oil in our kitchen for the past year. We call it an elevated dining experience, because we know we're getting all the benefits of hemp and sesame. Plus, it smells extra toasty. Mmm.


Sesame oil is rich in vitamins – the most significant being vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E. These vitamins can prevent cell-damaging harmful substances produced by fats and remove toxins from the body. While sesame oil gives a healthy glow to the skin, the extraction of pigment from black sesame can darken, soften and bring shine to the hair.


Mom always says that sesame oil is what keeps Asian people looking so young. How could we go wrong by infusing it with hemp cannabis? Ya'll, this might just be the fountain of youth right here.


Drizzle it on to your food or make a salad dressing.