This one is for all the energy healers and spiritualists out there! We formulated this blend for all our esoteric brothers and sisters that are sound bowling, channeling, and healing. But truly, this blend is for anyone looking for some herbs to pair with their next quiet moment.


Try this energetically clarifying herb blend for when you're reaching deep within. Cleansing, activating for heightened awareness. Expansive. Ready, set, remember.

  • Cassia (肉桂)

    Jasmine (茉莉花)

    Holy Basil (神羅勒)

    Angelica Sinensis (蝶豆花)

    Star Anise (八角)

    Reishi (靈芝)

    Butterfly Pea (蝶豆花)

    Blue Lotus (藍蓮花)